How to Verify Your Account & Increase Trust

When you place an order on Yummit the cook has the right to accept or reject orders based on their schedule and availability, but they may also only want to deal with customers who have been through some sort of verification process with us.

Trust Score

The more you can do to help prove who you are, and provide accountability, the higher chance you have of your orders being successful. We’ve implemented a Trust Score to reflect how well a user has provided verification of their identity, and later on this score will also take into account user feedback based on your transactions on the marketplace. Simply put, your trust score should help you to make successful orders.

Your Verification Dashboard

We’ve made it easy to quickly improve your trust score by using your Verifications dashboard to provide some basic details about yourself, and connect with your social accounts. We will always be improving our verification process and adding new methods as we go, but they will all be found in one place.

All you have to do is follow the instructions given on each step of the verifications page. Each section is different and offers you an extra way to improve your score. You do not have to complete all of the steps, but once again, the more you complete the higher your trust score will be.

Example of Verification Dashboard

An example of the verification dashboard.

If you have any problems using any of the verification options available on our Verifications page, please email us and we can look into any issues.