How to Create an Account

Creating an account on Yummit could not be easier. Just head to the main site and click the Signup button in the top right of your screen. From there you will be presented with a signup modal, which gives you the option to register very quickly a few different ways.

Connect with Facebook / Google

The easiest way to sign-up is to connect with Facebook or Gmail. Just click on the “connect” button using the service of your choice, and just login using your existing Facebook or Google account and accept access to your name, and email address. We will never post anything to your social pages, we simply use your details to create an account.

An example of the signup modal you should see

OR Register Using an Email Account

If you want to set up an account the ‘normal’ way instead, all you have to do is ignore the social buttons and just fill out your details using the input fields.

Once you have signed up, you can manage your account settings at any time simply by logging in. This will allow you to add further details to your profile as you please, or when necessary close your account at any time.