How to Become a Cook on Yummit

Anyone can apply to open their own kitchen on Yummit. However for the time being, we are only rolling-out the full Yummit marketplace features one city at a time. So it’s important you sign-up, or register your interest in becoming a cook. This way we can track popular locations, and go live in cities with the appropriate demand.

To begin with, anyone will have the ability to sell food via their own store on Yummit, but the ability to search and filter meals based on location and price etc will only be available in cities that we officially operate in. For updates about new locations, please follow our progress on Twitter.

01. Create a Free Yummit Account

To start your independent journey as a cook on Yummit you first need to create a free account. If you have already made an account at any point you can skip this step. If you need help signing up, here’s a quick guide on How to Create an Account on Yummit.

02. Fill in your user Profile

Once you are set up it is a very good idea to fill out your profile with as much information as possible, to aid the Yummit team’s task of approving your seller account in the next step, and also to help introduce yourself to any future customers and community members that might view your public profile in the future.

We also require that you take some time to verify your identity in as many ways as possible via the Verification dashboard.

03. Apply to become a Yummit Cook

Now that you have an account, please login to your account and head to our seller application page. Once we’ve had a chance to look over your account and accept your request, you will be free to begin selling your own meals whenever you wish. A full guide and instructions will be available to you once you are approved.