How to Become a Cook on Yummit

Anyone can apply to open their own kitchen on Yummit. However for the time being, we are only rolling-out Yummit one city at a time. So it’s important you sign-up, or register your interest in becoming a cook. This way we can track popular locations, and go live in cities with the appropriate demand.

Temporary Approval Process

Yummit is not currently available everywhere. We require interest from a good number of cooks in any given area to be able to go live in that location. For this reason we are currently asking that anyone that is interested in becoming a homecook should first apply, letting us know what location they are in, and giving us a rough idea of their cooking skill.

Location is Key

Once we have enough cooks signed up in one location, we will give the green light to any and all cooks in that same area who wish to participate in re-inventing the future of takeaways. Inviting your friends to become cooks too is a great way to ensure you get our attention in your location.