How do I Place an Order

Placing an order on Yummit could not be any easier. Wether you’re ordering a meal to eat within the hour, or having some unique cakes shipped in from further away, the checkout process is very straightforward.

Hit that big button

Browse the main site for food that’s available in your area, and click on the meal that you’re hungry for. Once you’ve landed on the meal page, look to the right hand side of the title and meal images, there you will find a nice big order card which you can interact with. When you are ready to order, just hit that big orange checkout button and we’ll begin to walk you through the payment and pickup options.

This is the Checkout button you should be looking for

Preparation & Requests

If you are ordering local meals to be cooked on demand, you will need to allow time for the meal to be prepared before collecting it (or having it delivered). Every cook will have different times listed for preparation. Some meals may be ready in a matter of minutes, and others might take a lot longer. All orders have to be accepted by the cook first, so once you place and order, please allow a few moments for the cook to process your request. Your card will only be charged once the cook agrees to your request and the meal is ready.

You will be offered a list of available delivery / collection times for each order you place. Just select the time that works best for you.

Paying for an order

All payments are made securely via Stripe. All major debit and credit cards should be supported, and we’ll be exploring further payment options in the future. We don’t store any credit card information for safety reasons.