‘Contact Free’ Delivery / Collection

During the current global lockdown we ask that all cooks and customers follow all of their local laws and guidelines before taking part in any orders on Yummit. If you are in a location that does allow takeout food orders we ask that you do so ‘contact-free’ for the time being, meaning that all meals should be left at the front door when possible.

Contact Free Collection Orders

For collection orders, please contact your cook when you are nearby and ask for the meal to be left outside ready for you to pick it up.

Contact Free Deliveries

For delivery orders, we ask our cooks to contact customers when they are outside the delivery address and notify them that they will leave their meals outside their front door.

Extra Safety Precautions

All cooks and customers should take extra safety precautions when handing food and food packaging at all times, washing hands, wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitiser throughout any orders.

While the European Food Safety Authority has stated that there is “no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the virus” it is sill very important to us that everyone plays their part to avoid contact as much as possible during this difficult time.

Stay Safe & Take Care

We hope that home-cooked meals can help bring comfort and relief to our users during this troubling time, but your safety is priority number one. Please look out for one another and take care.